Dear Potential Member,

Thank you for your interest in Blue Ridge Christian Home Educators (BRCHE). This group is made up of parents who believe we have a constitutional right and a God-given responsibility to provide proper Biblical training/education for each of their children. For parents who have been called to home education, this responsibility is made easier with the help of other home schooling parents. When you register with the group, it is assumed that you are stating you are a Christian and agree to post only items that do not violate the Christian faith as well as not object to Christian content in the group postings.

BRCHE communicates through a Yahoo group, BRCHENews. You will need a Yahoo ID for this. Setting up a Yahoo ID is simple and takes only a few minutes of your time.

To Obtain a Yahoo ID, please follow these instructions:

1- Go to

2- Click “Groups” in sidebar on left side of page.

3- Click “Sign Up” at top of page.

4- This will prompt you to a web form. You can give as little information as possible to obtain the ID. The main part is the Yahoo ID, which is also an email address. However, you may use your current email address to receive the messages. Make a written note your ID and password for future reference.



If your child is 7 years or older, you will need to register with the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education before you may homeschool. It can be done online at:

There is a calendar of events, newsletters, membership lists, etc. on the yahoo site.

BRCHE Membership Agreement

Please Print:

Last Name:    ________________________________________________________

Father’s & Mother’s first names: ________________________________________

Mailing Address:             ________________________________________


Home Phone:                  ________________________________________

Email:                             ________________________________________

Yahoo ID:                        ________________________________________

Main Teacher’s birthday (optional; month/day) _________________

Main Teacher’s hobbies: ___________________________________


Children’s names and birth dates (mm/dd/yy):

__________________________________      __________________________________

__________________________________      __________________________________

__________________________________      __________________________________

__________________________________      __________________________________

Curricula: __________________________________________________________


Where will I volunteer? See volunteer form for areas where you can be of service.

  1. _______________________________________
  2. _______________________________________
  3. _______________________________________